Why DM Solutions?

We are a creative team operating on the market since 2003. We started as a direct marketing agency specializing in creating and managing databases and BTL activities. Over time, our offer has evolved and expanded to include other areas such as creation and graphics, DTP, printing, and the production and import of advertising gadgets. Today, we position ourselves as a graphic studio and production agency. We offer a wide range of printing services, from small digital works, through large-format prints to high-volume specialized offset printing. We design and manufacture everything from business cards to billboards. The offer is complemented by the fulfillment of customers' needs for personalized, unique advertising gadgets.


"We release the imagination"

We implement creative ideas and solutions that cannot be forgotten.

· press advertisement
· graphics for websites
· Press advertisements

Visual identification

"We give the brand and product identity"

We know how important and difficult it is to create a brand that is recognizable on the market. We have the appropriate abilities and extensive experience to create something really special for you.

· Logo, book of visual identity
· Colors, typography
· Promotional materials, business stationery

Publishing, printing, DTP

"We print quickly and efficiently"

We treat the elements of printing production as elements that allow our clients to present their possibilities, skills and services.

· posters, leaflets
· catalogs, folders
· Publications
· other

Advertising and promotion

"We help create an image"

We are talking about ourselves - a professional advertising agency - that's why we do not set ourselves any obstacles or limitations in action. We make sure that the projects are primarily consistent with the client's vision.

· outdoor advertising
· means of visual communication
· advertising gadgets

Pictures, movies, 3D

"We visualize ideas and concepts"

The image is more effective than the word, therefore we always create visual compositions based on the principles specific to the industry in which our client operates.

· promotional films
· Product photography

Internet, www

"We help to appear on the web"

The first impression in Internet communication is very important. Our tasks are as functional as they are expressive.

· pages with CMS system
· positioning
· advertising campaigns

About us

We realize orders not only for clients, but also for their own pleasure and satisfaction. In every task we undertake, we look for challenges and opportunities to introduce something "new" to the market. Our tools are graphic design, printing, visual identification and website development.

The experience and professional ambitions of our team do not allow us to forget about the principle that "customer satisfaction is the most important" . We skillfully weigh the proportions between our marketing creativity and the needs defined by our clients.

We provide services of the highest quality and we implement even the most innovative and unique ideas. We pay a lot of attention to the ongoing monitoring of the market situation in order to provide our clients with a comprehensive and optimized product that meets their needs or the original image of the company on the Internet and beyond.

We want be perceived as a professional advertising and production agency that provides both practical and substantive support for each client. In each order, we use the experience and specialized skills of our team members.

We knowWe now, that even the smallest element can become the most important detail of an advertising campaign. That is why we make every effort to ensure that our activities are refined in the smallest detail and are as effective as effective.

Our projects in numbers:

Pages printed.
Completed projects.
Printed catalogs.
The number of our satisfied customers - continues to grow - thank you for your trust.

Our team

Knowledge, experience, creativity, flexibility, professionalism, experience, high personal culture are just a few advantages of our team. If you want to find out about the others, please contact us directly.



The boss of all bosses! Founder, Father, Director and decisive voice in DM Solutions.

After many years of working in a corporation, in 2002 he decided to found DM Solutions and has been successfully cooperating with our clients for several years.
Always reasonable, he puts the welfare of the customers first. He can look at each project through the client's prism.


Executive Director

He supervises all projects carried out for our clients. Always on the front line, constantly in contact with customers, runs all productions from the beginning to the very end.

Education and passion for printing. He has extensive experience in project management, for many years associated with leading brands in the printing market, DTP certified by Adobe and Quark, trainer, marketer, photographer, husband and father.

What do customers say about DM Solutions?

We respect our clients' time, we make sure that they have reasons to be satisfied. In the process of task implementation, we work closely with the client, we operate according to planned patterns, which we carry out with the utmost care. Thanks to this, we can be proud of long-term cooperation with many clients. Their satisfaction = our success! We invite you to cooperation!

Jacek Kwieciński

Dyrektor zarządzający

"Z DM Solutions, współpracujemy od ponad 10 lat. Prace jakie zlecaliśmy, w tym druk offsetowy, projektowanie, wydruki wielkoformatowe i montaże, były zawsze wykonane na bardzo wysokim poziomie jakościowym i z pełną starannością."

Marcin Rokietnicki

Office Manger

"...cenne jest, że wykonawca wykracza poza standardowe rozwiązania i polega na innowacyjnosci. Sposobem wykonawcy na wyróżnienie się na rynku jest adaptacja nowych rozwiązań i stosowanie ich w codziennej pracy..."

Joanna Falkowska

Marketing Director

"DM Solutions współpracuje z nami m.in. w zakresie projektowania grafiki na potrzeby serwisu i modyfikowania naszego serwisu.
Ze współpracy tej jesteśmy bardzo zadowoleni. Kreatywność i pomysłowość DM Solutions idą w parze z profesjonalizmem i terminowością."